Single and dual band receiver IC
The CME6005 is a BiCMOS integrated straight through receiver with build in very high sensitivity for the time signal transmitted from WWVB, DCF77, JJY, MSF and HBG. The receiver is prepared for single-and dual band (by using additional capacitor matching pin) reception. Integrated functions as stand by mode, complementary output stages and hold mode function offer features for universal applications.
The power down mode increases the battery lifetime significantly and makes the device ideal for all kinds of radio controlled time pieces.
  • Low power consumption (<100A)
  • Very high sensitivity (0.4V)
  • Dedicated input for external crystal capacitance matching for dual band application
  • High selectivity by using crystal filter
  • Power down mode
  • Only a few external components necessary
  • AGC hold mode
  • Wide frequency range (40 ... 120 kHz)
  • Low power applications (1.2 .. 5.0 V)
  • Improved noise resistance
  • Integrated AGC adaptation
  • Single and Dual band applications
  • Existing software can be used
  • Pin to pin compatible to the UE6005 Receiver IC
  • Extended battery operating time

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