The TSG series  


Time Signal Generator Shop Floor Booster
TSG100 TSG100 is a Time Signal Generator especially designed for shops and exhibition halls. Once started it will automatically receive the time and transmit the selceted signal to syncronize all RC products in a 6m radius.

The external loop antenna connetion allow to enlarge the coverage area up to 50m radius.


  • Output of DCF, JJY60, MSF and WWVB signals
  • RC signal generation in locations where no RC signal is available
  • Dedicated buttons for direct access to sub-menus
  • BSI information during reception available
  • Built-in 4,5V rechargeable battery and connection to DC power
  • 5 reception times and 5 transmission times programmable
  • 9 timezones selectable
  • Connection of external antenna for extended range
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